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Meet Charlotte Mizuki, Founder of LifeSparks and Creator of TEMPOfiit. She is also Soul Rich Woman Leader of Excellence since 2015. She was a senior management accountant in the shipping industry for past 12 years before she decided to pursue her passion full-time last year. She shared on stage at recent Rich Woman Masterclass 2019 by Success Resources her untold story:
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I was at my highest peak of my life in year 2012 when I lost everything overnight, my 10 yrs marriage, my savings, promising accounting career & I was heavily in debts.
To savage the marriage, I actually went on a 20kg weighloss journey, still he left me for another woman because I couldn't bear him a baby! I was devastated...
Picking myself up, I decided to take charge of my own life, this inspired me to become a fitness coach and set up LifeSparks in year 2012 helping more women looking for a better version of themselves through fitness, wellness & health not for anyone else but HERSELF!
To clear the debts, I have to return to 9-5 corporate job. I was lucky to be headhunted & drawing a 6 figure income, I managed to quickly clear my debts & accumulate savings again! Frankly my job was plenty awesome and I have nothing to grumble about.
My life seemed great but I just felt empty inside me.
In year 2015, I started to dream about setting up a studio for LifeSparks and make it a REAL business. Working as a 9-5 employee and self-employed as a freelance fitness coach does not seem to grow LifeSparks or the way to Financial Freedom. I work I get paid, I don't work I don't get paid!
Today my success story is the ability to get customer leads everyday popping into the mailbox without having to hunt for customers physically and payment notification every single hour. This will not be possible without the mentorship and support from my mentor, Genecia Alluora, founder of Soul Rich Woman. The ONLY female entrepreneur platform with the expertise to bring business from offline to online!
I remembered in 2016 when LifeSparks bugis outlet held its open house, it's the first time I applied the Soul Rich Woman (SRW) Blueprint, 1000 sign ups within 14 days before open house and $23,000 collected in 7 days.
Quitted my 6 figures income corporate job in 2018 and now enjoyed 11 multiple sources of income without me physically involved most of the time. I have a choice to work or not to work. Click here to know how I did it...
LifeSparks focus on fitness classes, instructor training, studio rental and corporate classes. We grow by inspiring and grooming more to become coaches. Today we have over 30 coaches islandwide providing our services and helping hundreds of fitness entrepreneurs and dancers kickstart their passion by providing them with our studio spaces.
7 years experience in this fitness industry with a strong reputable branding and successful offline & online business model, LifeSparks has embarked for it's next exciting expansion plan with more outlets within Singapore & Southeast Asia in the coming months. Check out how you can be a part of LifeSparks Investor Network.
Stay Connected! Facebook/Instagram/Linkedin @charlottemizuki 
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