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3 Quick Tips On Making Makeup Last Whole Day in Singapore's Hot Weather this Valentine Day

Hey, beautiful! If you’re hoping to up your beauty game this Valentine’s Day, we’ve got some helpful, easy-to-follow tips that can have you looking and feeling better than ever in no time.

1. Moisture & Primer

One of the best ways to keep your foundation feeling fresh all day is to lock in moisture before applying make up either with hydrating lotion or simply a mask and definitely Primer Primer Primer especially the eye area.

2. Less is Best

Dab your makeup on bit by bit and you should be able to get away with using as little product as possible, and this in turn will prevent the excess foundation from flaking off on the surface of the skin.

3. Make up Setting Spray

Investing in a good make up setting spray is my personal favourite as it just save so much time and trouble on touch up and let you have an ease of mind your face is looking still as fresh.

Love our tips? Watch this space for the next blog post....

If you are interested in learning more through a workshop, feel free to check out upcoming make-up workshop at LifeSparks Studio 1A Aliwal St - Wednesday & Saturday 9am or 2pm

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