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FreeStyler Fitness Singapore

Every Move Counts

FreeStyler fitness craze arrives in Singapore! Freestyler Super Toning is a workout combining an extensive spectrum of exercises with the use of toning devices. This functional training is designed to strengthen your core muscles and tone your body through purposeful and dynamic movements
Freestyler Fitness LifeSparks
The Freestyler cross trainer provides full 3D functional training and core training with super effective balanced workouts that combine cardio, strength and balance exercises.
Freestyler eliminates the need for any type of weight or machine by enhancing whole body toning with nothing more than resistance bands. It provides simultaneous attachment of the tubes to all four limbs at the same time, so your body is under safe & efficient elastic resistance throughout the workout. On the Freestyler every move counts!

The Freestyler is an excellent tool for women looking to tone and shape their body without adding bulky muscles. Many exercise systems are not designed with women's fitness in mind and tend to promote the bulk that most women wish to avoid. The Freestyler is a safe, effective, and fun way to burn calories while developing long, lean, flexible and beautiful muscles.
The Freestyler program helps you burn the maximum amount of calories in your workout even though it focuses on slow, controlled aesthetic movements. This means that not only are you burning calories you need in order to acquire the body you want, but you are also learning how to move your body in ways that leave you feeling sexy and empowered. This workout is meant to keep you motivated so you do not get bored, an important part of any fitness regimen if it is to be effective.
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