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Piloxing Barre

High energy yet focused - fluid yet Powerful.

Here, you lengthen, strengthen, box, and sweat.

Piloxing Barre




Piloxing Barre is a low-impact workout that uses both a ballet bar and light, weighted gloves to provide a full-body strength and cardio workout that burns calories, tones muscles, and is a lot of fun to boot.

PILOXING Barre utilizes the same fundamental disciplines (Pilates & Boxing) as PILOXING SSP. In this game-changing program, PILOXING goes to the BARRE. Using a ballet barre for stability and resistance in this 45-minute cardio program, you lengthen, you strengthen and you box our heart out! Happy joints, strong muscles, healthy heart; that is PILOXING Barre!

Why should we go to the barre, you ask?


The barre is a tool, a source of external support and resistance. It leads to achieving better body balance, initiating deeper muscle engagement – to stronger, healthier joints.


The muscles will SAFELY burn and shake through lengthening Pilates-influenced exercises. Then, just when those muscles want a break, they get it - we shift focus to your HEART with a cardiovascular boxing push. These shifts make for a well rounded, low impact, interval training BARRE program.


PILOXING’S signature ½ pound (250 grams) weighted gloves can be worn from start to finish, further intensifying the experience. Happy joints, strong muscles, healthy heart – that’s why.

Is barre only for ladies? Piloxing barre is not fitness only for the ladies, men do barre too!

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