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KpopX Fitness Singapore

KpopX Fitness is a fast growing fitness program in K-Pop Style in Singapore. Easy Popular Intense and Creative - the four magic elements that make KpopX Fitness EPIC.
Cleverly incorporated fitness intensity into simplifed dance Moves. Sweat it out to 12 or 13 Kpop hits in one session! Founded by Maddy Lim, Dance fitness choreographer.
You don't even need a dance or aerobics background. Just enjoy keeping fit, strong and sassy with this NEW GENERATION workout.
Sweat it out in this 60 mins workout and burn up to 500 calories. Check out the videos to learn more!!
Take your pick of KpopX workout
KpopX Fitness read as K-POP-X Fitness. The first fitness in K-Pop Style! Easy, Popular, Intense & Creative. This EPIC fitness workout is only 50 minutes and is quickly gaining popularity islandwide!
No dance background needed, suit young and old. Come experience this mind-blowing K-Pop creativity in fitness that you will not find elsewhere.
KpopX Lite
A lower impact fitness workout suitable for beginners or those looking for lower intensity workout.
KpopX Kids
This 50 minutes fitness workout not only help children to become stronger and happier, it enables them to learn about movement creativity!
They will not know it is actually exercise in disguise! It's playtime! Come experience this international fitness program now. (at least 7 years old)
KpopX Abs
Get the Best of Both Worlds - Blast those belly-fats with Cardio & Abs Toning Exercises in this 50 minutes workout.
First half of the session, you will experience KpopX Fitness, an intense and fun cardio workout to burn off the calories and 2nd half to focus on getting a lean and tone mid-section.
Contact us for corporate classes/events, mass workout, schools event and more
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